Schools, corporate events, club trips, team events, parties. We have special offers and packages suitable for any type of group.

We provide a sweet excursion into the world of chocolate for groups.
Clubs, companies, family celebrations, parties - there is a package to suit everyone at Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre.
Café Frey also offers sweet and savoury snacks.

Are you organising a seminar and want it to run smoothly?
We also offer meeting rooms and a separate cinema for your presentations.

There are countless opportunities to spend a few sweet hours with us.

We’d love to put together a customised package for you.  

Your customers will love the sweet time they will have at Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre - Discovery Centre, chocolate moulding, a coffee break, or shopping in Boutique Frey.
Anything is possible, just ask.

  • Special offers for tour operators and bus companies.
  • Free coach parking.
  • Free entry for tour guide and driver.
We’d love to put together a customised package for you.


Children love chocolate. At Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre they will discover how the chocolate they love is made, from bean to bar.
Perfect for school trips, but also a great educational trip to learn about chocolate.

You can choose the options for school classes depending on your timescale and budget. Classes can visit the Discovery Centre, with its extensive tasting opportunities, and the chocolate moulding activity.

Packed lunches: At present we don’t have any facilities for children to eat packed lunches. There is a picnic spot just a 10-minute walk from the Visitor Centre, in a nearby wood.

Our Clubhouse restaurant, over the Chocolat Frey Visitor Centre, can serve reasonably priced pasta dishes for school classes.

We do not charge for accompanying teachers and assistants (assistance during moulding, entry to Discovery Centre).

We look forward to putting together a great package for you and your class.

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Discounted travel and entrance tickets can be booked from SBB RailAway.

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