Dip in and discover the interactive world of Chocolat Frey. How is Switzerland’s favourite chocolate made? What does it taste like? Taste tests definitely allowed!

Fun for all - the Discovery Centre at Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre

Chocolat Frey – Switzerland’s favourite chocolate - invites you to take a wonderful, sensation-packed journey. Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre brings the world of cocoa beans and chocolate to life at exciting, interactive stations:
Meet some of our employees, visit the Aroma Lab, find out what it feels like to be a chocolate and see a completely different side of chocolate in the fascinating, immersive, “Chocolate moments” experience. Your senses will be beguiled by familiar and new creations in the fascinating Tasting department.
Sweet chocolate moments for friends, families, groups and chocolate lovers in general.


  • Experts’ Trail - Chocolat Frey employees explain about chocolate production from bean to bar.
  • Ever tasted a roasted cocoa bean?
  • Turn into a chocolate and take great photos.
  • Watch "Röbi", our robot, in action as it packs freshly made chocolate before your eyes.
  • Taste chocolate fresh from the Chocolat Frey production line, including two chocolate fountains.
  • Giant computer game in the Chocolate Tank. Who can collect the most chocolate?
  • It’s all a matter of taste in the Aroma Lab. Test your sense of smell - identify the aromas.

These are just a few of the interactive attractions at Chocolat Frey’s Visitor Centre.


Other important information:

  • Chocolate moulding

    Create your very own favourite chocolate – something sweet and special for both young and old. Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate and a selection of more than 20 toppings to make your own unique chocolate.

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  • Schools / Groups

    We offer a package to suit any group. We’d love to tailor a package for your group.

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    There is always something going on at the Chocolat Frey visitor center. Special events for all Chocoholics.

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