The most popular chocolate in Switzerland

How does Switzerland’s favourite chocolate become even more popular? With lots of new products which make our extensive range even more so. Relax and let us serve up the latest from the house of Frey.

  • Gifting

    The perfect gift. There are countless opportunities to give the gift of chocolate. And our selection of exclusive chocolate gift items is just as diverse. From pralines to chocolate balls, Easter bunnies to love hearts: Chocolat Frey makes giving and receiving a joy.

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  • Self Indulgence

    My special treat. Chocolat Frey’s selection of chocolate bars is an invitation to enjoy. Classic or extravagant, small or large, filled or solid, thick or thin: this top quality chocolate selection has something to suit every taste.

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  • Snacking

    Sharing is fun. When it comes to delicious Swiss chocolate, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Our diverse snack range boasts an exciting array of flavours to discover and enjoy, proving that good things really do come in small packages. They are ideal for sharing with others and make perfect snacks when you’re about and about.

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  • New Hits

    Relax and let us serve up the latest from the house of Frey.

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