Sustainability is to Chocolat Frey what cocoa is to chocolate. Chocolat Frey has devised a comprehensive sustainability strategy in conjunction with M Industry. The understanding of sustainability is based on the three-pillar Environmental, Social and Economic model. The equal importance attached to social, environmental and economic aspects facilitates the company’s long-term economic success whilst adhering to and preserving environmentally and socially relevant values.

Profitability - efficient, innovative, sustainable

Financial and entrepreneurial success are essential for remaining innovative and competitive within the industry and therefore meeting the expectations of Chocolat Frey’s customers in the long term. Only as a financially successful company can Chocolat Frey maintain its commitment to sustainability and safeguard jobs and reasonable wages.

Social justice - better quality of life for all

Consumers should be able to enjoy healthy, delicious Frey products which are socially equitable. Chocolat Frey takes its social responsibility as an employer and the welfare of employees in Switzerland and suppliers and producers in the countries of origin very seriously. The company is committed to fair working conditions and equitable wages, promotes implementation of social values and supports education and training for its employees.

Environmental sustainability - preserving the world for tomorrow

With successive generations in mind, Chocolat Frey uses manufacturing techniques that make efficient use of resources and energy and endeavours to achieve closed materials and energy circuits. The company focuses on renewable resources and, through its holistic corporate philosophy, promotes complete recycling of all materials used. Careful use of natural resources promotes biodiversity and long-term preservation of viable ecosystems.


Chocolat Frey has operated a sustainability management system certified to ISO 14001 since 2008. This guarantees that the sustainability strategy objectives are rigorously implemented. Chocolate Frey intends to constantly improve and will adapt the strategy to changed circumstances as necessary, so that we can fulfil all our customers’ and employees’ wishes in future.

The responsibilities and remits precisely defined within the sustainability management system create clear and transparent structures. Sustainable principles apply at all organisational levels and to all processes – and all employees are regularly trained and encouraged, through awareness-building activities, to contribute to improving the company’s environmental performance.

  • Engagement

    Chocolat Frey procures more than half its cocoa beans through long-term partnerships with local producers’ organisations. These direct relationships give the company the opportunity to get to know the farmers, to build trust, to identify their needs and to provide them with specific support.

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  • Sustainable Procurement

    Chocolat Frey ensures fair working and living conditions when procuring raw materials and considers mankind and the environment.

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  • Sustainability Strategy

    Chocolat Frey’s sustainability strategy is not a one-day wonder, but a long-term, targeted project firmly embedded in the company.

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