Extravagance and an exquisite taste make our personalized chocolates a great advertising tool. Your customers are almost guaranteed to love them. After all, who doesn't like chocolate? Our references confirm the popularity of this idea.

  • Personalized chocolate tablet

    - Fast delivery
    - Printing and dispatch from a single source
    - A wide variety of design options
    - Made from the most popular chocolate in Switzerland
    - Minimum order volume: 50 units

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  • Customized Napolitains, 14 g

    - For guests with their coffee - For making contact at trade fairs
    - Gifts to add to shipments
    - Sweet promotional gifts featuring your logo (Well-known on Swiss International Airlines flights)
    - Orders of 1,200 units or more

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  • Contact / orders

    Would you like more information or to place an order directly? Then contact us today. We'll process your inquiry without delay.

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