Personalize and gift Frey bunnies now

Make Easter sweeter for your customers and employees

A nice way to say thank you. Our Frey bunnies are versatile and can be used as employee gifts or promotional items. The personalized hang tag allows you to create your own design. Company logo or personal message: The possibilities are endless.

This is how it works:

Download the template and design your own hang tag for your Frey bunnies. You can choose either a round or a square hang tag. If you need help when designing your hang tag, please contact us by email ( or phone (T +41(0) 62 836 21 92). Send us your designed tag by email and indicate the bunny size (55 g or 170 g) and color. The Frey bunnies are available in blue, green and pink.

Template for designing the print file (round hang tag): download

Template for designing the print file (square hang tag): download


Two sizes are available to create your personalized chocolate bunnies.

  Quantity from: Unit price:
55g Frey bunny 20 units  CHF 8.85
55g Frey bunny 50 units  CHF 4.95
55g Frey bunny  100 units  CHF 4.05
55g Frey bunny  200 units  CHF 3.70
55g Frey bunny  500 units  CHF 3.20
55g Frey bunny  1000 units  CHF 3.15
170g Frey bunny 50 units  CHF 6.55
170g Frey bunny  100 units  CHF 6.20
170g Frey bunny  200 units  CHF 5.95
170g Frey bunny  500 units  CHF 5.35
170g Frey bunny  1000 units  CHF 4.90

Prices include shipping costs within Switzerland and 2.5% VAT.
Additional price information on request.
Minimum order volume: 20 units
Delivery: approx. 2 weeks
You can design the layout yourself using our template.
If you like, we can create the layout for you. Price based on time and material used.

Template for designing the print file (round hang tag): download

TTemplate for designing the print file (square hang tag): download

Shipping in Switzerland only.

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  • References

    Extravagance and an exquisite taste make our personalized chocolates a great advertising tool. Your customers are almost guaranteed to love them. After all, who doesn't like chocolate? Our references confirm the popularity of this idea.

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  • Contact / orders

    Would you like more information or to place an order directly? Then contact us today. We'll process your inquiry without delay.

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