"We create bits & bites of happiness"

Chocolat Frey has been creating delicious taste sensations since 1887. Sweet moments, created by traditional craftsmanship, exquisite ingredients and lots of love. Frey’s wide selection offers premium quality for all tastes, whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday treat. It’s no wonder Frey chocolate is the most popular in Switzerland.

  • Products

    Frey products are not only a treat for your tastebuds, they’re also good for your conscience, as they are made exclusively in Switzerland from UTZ-certified chocolate.

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  • Christmas with Chocolat Frey

    The Chocolat Frey product range boasts enormous variety: from Advent calendars, tree decorations, little Santas, angels and pralines, to our Freylini chocolate balls, there is the right Christmas product for everyone and every occasion.

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  • Visitor Centre

    As a consequence of the lockdown imposed by the federal government on 16 March 2020, we had to close the Chocolat Frey visitor centre in Buchs. Factors such as profitability and utilization, as well as the Covid protection measures to safeguard visitors and employees which would have to be followed after reopening, ultimately led to the decision to close the visitor centre permanently.

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  • Engagement

    Chocolat Frey procures more than half its cocoa beans through long-term partnerships with local producers’ organisations. These direct relationships give the company the opportunity to get to know the farmers, to build trust, to identify their needs and to provide them with specific support.

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  • MySkai

    Als Geschenk, Give-Away oder einfach so!
    Das etwas andere Geschenk für die Liebsten.

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    Real flavours, with Real ingredients, supporting Real people – no wonder we called ourselves REAL GUM. Are you Real? Chew Real.

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  • Personalized advertising gifts

    Spread joy with personalized chocolates: Are you looking for an original advertising opportunity or an exclusive gift idea? We offer great-tasting chocolate solutions for presenting your company or sweetening any occasion. Browse through our product range and contact us to find out how you can use our chocolates to make a hit with your customers.

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  • Industry and Food Service

    Industry and Food Service area of Chocolat Frey: Chocolat Frey AG, as the No. 1 in the Swiss chocolate market, has experience in manufacturing chocolate for many years. Our range of products for industry and food service includes high quality semi-finished products such as couvertures, chocolate splinters, fingers, cubes, fillings, compound coatings, cocoa liquors and nut products.

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