Since 1974, Chocolat Frey AG has produced chewing gum for MIGROS and various private label providers at home and abroad. The years of experience and continuity are what characterise the chewing gum division. With around 80 employees it is the only chewing gum manufacturer in Switzerland, but has strongly aligned its business internationally. Correspondingly, Chocolat Frey is one of the largest private label chewing gum producers in Europe.


In the main market of Europe Chocolat Frey works alongside MIGROS in Switzerland with various retail trade companies and distribution partners. The core expertise lies in the pan-coating of the chewing gum. We have over 100 active recipes, which cover an impressive range of formats, shapes and aromas. Around 5,000 tonnes of chewing gum are manufactured each year. This has been exclusively sugar-free since 1988. Chocolat Frey continuously and actively takes up trends. Innovation and quality are greatly emphasised and, alongside passion and expertise, belong to our success. Thanks to continuous quality improvements in the processes the various Requirements of all stakeholders fulfilled. Chocolat Frey chewing gum is therefore also a reliable partner for new product developments with a comprehensive service, from the first idea to customer support. The chewing gum division of Chocolat Frey has all the required certifications and works closely together with customers and suppliers. We cover the individual requirements of every chewing gum-lover, be it in the refreshment or dental care area.

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