Chocolat Frey’s sustainability strategy is not a one-day wonder, but a long-term, targeted project firmly embedded in the company. The company is steadily and consistently following a path charted by the defined goals with specified reference years and the common time horizon of 2020. Chocolat Frey has already recorded some successes thanks to its unwavering commitment. It is worth taking a look at the clear roadmap or the following overview of target areas, including goals, for a better understanding of Frey’s commitment to sustainability.



When procuring raw materials, Chocolat Frey depends on labels which include ecological and socio-economic requirements. By procuring certified raw materials the company is ensuring transparency and traceability throughout its supply chain


  • All the suppliers and producers in risk countries according to the BSCI country list are demonstrably integrated into the social compliance process.
  • 80% of cocoa beans are UTZ certified (mass balance).
  • More than half of cocoa beans will be procured direct at source by means of multi-year contracts.
  • 100% of palm oil used is RSPO certified (segregated); in addition, producers are monitored by independent organisation The Forest Trust (TFT).


Chocolat Frey is committed to efficient use of transport and takes into consideration environmentally friendly transport options.

  • Transportation of goods by ship and rail.
  • Reduce shipments by aeroplane to a minimum and only use them where there is no other alternative.



Chocolat Frey is committed to efficient use of energy. The aim is to continuously reduce specific energy consumption. The company is making a contribution to climate protection through sparing use of fossil fuels. Ever since 1985, Chocolat Frey has been using district heating from the nearby refuse incineration plant.


  • Reduction in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by a minimum of 12% per tonne production compared with 2013.

Konsum und Recycling


Chocolat Frey wants to avoid waste and return unavoidable waste as far as possible to the materials cycle

  • Reduce waste volumes by 5% per tonne production compared with 2011.
  • Recycle all organic material.
  • Recycle 80% of production waste.
  • Reduction of food waste and therefore proportion of avoidable food waste by 15% per tonne production compared with 2013.


Chocolat Frey develops environmentally friendly packaging solutions for its customers. The manufacture and disposal of all packaging should contaminate the environment as little as possible and be recyclable.


  • Reduction of absolute volume of packaging materials by 10% per tonne production compared with 2012.
  • Increase in recyclate proportion of packaging materials by 10% per tonne production compared with 2012.
  • Increase in proportion of sustainable raw materials used in packaging by 10% per tonne packaging compared with 2013.
  • Since 2014 we have been using FSC-certified packaging materials and are therefore supporting ecological and social forest management.



All the workforce at Chocolat Frey AG enjoy attractive employment and working conditions thanks to Migros’ collective labour agreement and progressive health management.
Employees at all levels enjoy flexible working time models which can be adapted to suit their personal circumstances. Chocolat Frey also operates a medical and health service and offers massages on reasonable terms.