In accordance with the Migros Group’s progressive employment culture, we offer our employees many benefits. We are bound by the Migros Group’s National Collective Labour Agreement, one of the best collective labour agreements in Switzerland.

Chocolat Frey pays its employees a fair, competitive rate of pay. Rates of pay are set according to the M-FEE personnel management and reward system.

M-FEE also forms the basis for the annual capability assessment and allows a differentiated qualification procedure. The salary is made up of three components: position, performance and experience. There is absolute equality between men and women in all matters of pay.

All employees subject to the collective labour agreement are entitled to five to seven weeks holiday per calendar year.

  • Up to 20th year of service: 5 weeks
  • From 21st to 30th year of service, or from 50 years of age: 6 weeks
  • From 31st year of service or from 60 years of age: 7 weeks

Young people aged up to 20 and apprentices enjoy 6 weeks holiday per calendar year.


As part of the Migros Group, Chocolat Frey employees enjoy outstanding social benefits.

Migros pension fund payments are well above the statutory minimum. All employees receive their pension at 64, but it is also possible for pensions to be drawn early at 58. After ordinary retirement, employees receive a reduced OASI pension until they are eligible for the OASI state pension at the age of 64.

Employees are entitled to their full, net salary for up to 730 days when ill thanks to income protection in case of illness. In the event of accidents, the salary continues to be paid in full for three months, and 80% thereafter.

Chocolat Frey actively encourages a work-life balance and offers many flexible working time models.

  • 41-hour week with flexitime
  • Possibility of part-time work, unpaid holiday and sabbaticals
  • 18 weeks paid maternity leave
  • 3 weeks paid paternity leave
  • 2 weeks additional unpaid paternity leave (on request)
  • 3 weeks paid adoption leave and
  • 2 weeks additional unpaid adoption leave (on request)
  • All employees who are entitled to child benefit receive a one-off birth payment on the birth of a child (also in the event of adoptions)
  • The conditional right to reemployment for employees who have left, who wish to take up a vacant position at Migros within 12 months of the end of maternity leave


  • Reasonably priced menus in the staff cafeteria
  • Preferential rates of interest for personal and savings accounts with Migros Bank
  • Additional Cumulus points when shopping at Migros
  • Discounted fuel from Migros petrol stations
  • Discounted premiums on selected insurance
  • Attractive collective health insurance
  • Mobile telephones: discounted subscriptions to Migros / Swisscom
  • Mobility car-sharing: special terms
  • Discounts on subscriptions to Migros Fitnessparks
  • Participation in educational and training courses at Migros’ Klubschule
  • Comprehensive discounts on shopping, dining and travelling
  • Free parking
  • Discounted memberships of Schinznach Bad thermal spa
  •  Various leisure activities

... and many other Migros Group offers, such as discounted open-air tickets, discounts on residential language courses, discounted package holidays, etc.


One of our key concerns, as Switzerland’s leading chocolate manufacturer, is our employees’ health. This is why Chocolat Frey operates a proactive and long-term health management policy.

Migros health policy
“Healthy employees, healthy company” - this approach requires a comprehensive, systematic health policy which exceeds statutory requirements and occupational health and safety standards. This includes activities to maintain and promote employees’ ability to work, as well as measures to prevent them becoming unable to work and help them return following absence.

Chocolat Frey systematically manages and optimises these activities as part of Occupational Health Management (OHM). At the Migros Group, health is regarded as a part of responsible corporate governance, which takes equal account of working conditions and individual attitudes to health.

Our commitment includes the following benefits:

  • Various occupational safety measures
  • Absence and case management
  • Ergonomics and ergonomic work stations
  • Regular healthy nutrition campaigns
  • Regular health advice
  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Health campaigns, such as Bike to work
  • Various sport and leisure offers

All employees also have the opportunity to have a free, confidential consultation with our social counselling service. Employees can discuss personal and occupational concerns of any kind.


  • After 5 years’ service: CHF 1'500 or 5 days holiday
  • After 10 years’ service: CHF 2'500 or 10 days holiday
  • After 15 years’ service: CHF 3'500 or 15 days holiday
  • After 20 years’ service: CHF 4'500 or 20 days holiday
  • After 25 years’ service: CHF 5'500 or 20 days holiday
  • After 30 years’ service: CHF 6'500 or 20 days holiday
  • After 35 years’ service: CHF 7'500 or 20 days holiday
  • After 40 years’ service: CHF 8'500 or 20 days holiday


Chocolat Frey runs internal programmes to provide employees with personal and professional education and training. Chocolat Frey also makes a generous employer’s annual contribution per employee to the cost of courses at Migros’ Klubschule. We pay you up to CHF 1'000 per year for courses at Migros Klubschule.

Chocolat Frey is a fair partner and deals with its employees on an equal footing. Our employees have the opportunity to play an active part via the Staff Council (SC). The SC represents employees’ health, financial and social concerns. As the link between staff and management it also promotes the exchange of information and ideas. An employee representative is also appointed to Chocolat Frey’s Board of Management.


At Chocolat Frey employees enjoy attractive and progressive employment terms and outstanding social benefits.

  • Progressive employment terms according to the Migros Group’s National Collective Labour Agreement.
    To L-GAV
  • Fair, equal pay based on position, experience and performance
  • Individual, flexible, working time models, such as possibility of part-time work
  • Five to seven weeks holiday
  • Membership of Migros’ pension fund
  • Up to 730 days full, net salary in the event of illness
  • At least three months’ payment of full salary in the event of accident, in addition to insured accident benefit
  • Between 5 and 20 days additional holiday every five years of service
  • Advanced social benefits
  • Promotion of work-life balance  
  • Diverse continuing professional development opportunities
  • Comprehensive additional benefits and employee discounts

    Every day, more than 1100 Chocolat Frey employees are involved in manufacturing and selling premium chocolate and chewing gum products to meet the tastes and needs of their global customers.

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    Every year our innovative company offers numerous young job-seekers a training place, often for in-house posts. Training young, talented people, helping them to progress and discover their hidden potential, is rewarding work.

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